vincit qui se vincit

A very interesting interview with Michael Sandel on his book: What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets. I definitely recommend this book.

I never really understood that whole hype about the George Zimmerman trial. I understand what happened but I feel that trials should be left to jury and shouldn’t be televised. However more trials like this are coming because people watch it and if people watch it the more ratings these networks get. The higher the ratings the more money the affiliates will pay for advertising. It all comes down to market principles. 

I think one has to observe and think what kind of society do we want to live in? Is it one where we watch trials on tv where people’s lives are at stake. Another question to ponder is how far is society willing to go that compromises our morality? I don’t have the answer to these questions but I think its something to discuss and decide as a society.

I remember when my summer started in May that I really wanted to go back to school instead. I wanted to finish as soon as I could. I still feel that way. So I took some online classes for the summer. I really enjoy it more than attending the lectures because I find some of the lectures quite time consuming. With online learning you can work at your own pace and set your own deadlines for your assignments. I guess some lectures at school are okay depending on what class it is.

One of my favourite classes in university so far is one I had last fall. Every week or so my prof would introduce a guest prof and talk about his or her speciality in computer science. We had profs some AI, cryptography, hardware and even one from international patent law!

My point is that there will be some things that lecture at school that online learning can’t replace. Many examples include meeting new people, and having questions and getting a reply in real time in class.

Life is no doubt hard at times. We tend to have this preconceived notion that things will turn out the way we think but man does it suck when it doesn’t work out. As human beings we always tend to self reflect and think: “Why did it happen to me?” or “”How could this have happened?”.

And when things don’t go your way, its tough not to think things will get better. 

 It sucks, and you’re not really sure what to do and it effects everything in your life.  If I got to go back five years back in time, I would tell my high school self this:

1. Don’t worry about what other people are doing with their lives. What I mean by this is that you don’t have to make the expectations of your friends your expectations. 

2. Learn from nature. I think nature has some answers that we can observe that might be useful. For example, picture a flowing river. In the river, there are rocks of all kinds. Water doesn’t say “Oh snap, its a rock. What am I going to do?”. It goes with the flow by going around the rocks.

3. Accept some of the things that didn’t work out, learn from them and move on. I think it was Emerson who said “The more experiments you make in life, the better”. I could be paraphrasing but yeah that is something worth noticing. This is simple to live by but its not easy.  

4. You don’t need permission from anyone to do what you want to do. Growing up, I remember that there were times that I didn’t feel in control of my life. I remember in elementary school, I was so bored and I never paid attention because I never saw the value of 12 years of secondary education. Maybe its best to have 4 or 5 years? I’m no expert, I’m just thinking out loud here. 

5. Make calculated risks. Just see the pros and cons when doing something major (no pun intended).

If I had a chance to go back in time to re live my life, I’m not sure if would. I mean yeah there were some things that were hard to experience but I think that if we don’t go through some of these experience you don’t grow into better a person. I personally believe that you are not the same person that you were yesterday. Because every event in your life daily changes who are. It can make you a better person or worse off, depending on how you look at it. It may change you on a small level but over a huge period of time you can see the results. I personally assure that most people are not the same person they were 10 years ago.

There was a talk that inspired me to start a blog a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where its going to take me but it’s worth a shot. I’d also like to to practice my writing skills so trying to write something daily wouldn’t be such a bad start. Anyways, here’s the talk.